HouseHold Register 2009

HouseHold Register 2009

HouseHold Register 2009 organizes, manages and catalogs everything one owns
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HouseHold Register 2009 6.1 is home inventory software programs that help to organize, manage and catalog a detailed list of everything one owns.
The software automatically organizes each inventory entry by category, location, and owner. The user can customize the home inventory category, location, and owner look-up lists to fit user’s inventory needs. The program tracks item, location, owner, category, serial number, model number, description, purchase and replaces prices, warranty information, extended warranty information, appraisal information, and a 32,000-character memo field. It also exports/import the home inventory data to html, excel, ASCII, and dbase. The software helps to print reports to screen, printer, PDF, HTML, XML and text.

The software allows the user to have a permanent record of your inventory. This home inventory will prove invaluable in case of loss, damage or destruction by fire, flood, windstorm, burglary etc. It is easy to use and helps the user to maintain a detailed inventory of all the home or office possessions. It can be helpful to catalog the home or office inventory is ideal for many purposes. The program will also warn the user of impending warranty expiration dates on the home or office inventory items.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to use with various in-built options.


  • The help option is not comprehensive.
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